Thursday, November 15, 2007

Celeb Baby Shower for Charity

From US Magazine we learn that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are planning a baby shower- but don't want gifts for themselves. Instead they are asking for cribs, strollers and stuffed animals to the new Richie Madden Children’s Foundation. The foundation will support mothers in need. Next month, the charity will donate 100 Mom-to-Be kits to the Los Angeles Free Clinic in addition to the gifts collected at the shower.

My question is this: If celebs aren't concerned with their fame and fortune and really do want to do something good for others- why do they always insist on making a new organization in their own name? Why not have people bring gifts to the shower for established and already running charities? I'll tell you why, because in the end it still is just a little bit about them. But well wishes to them for making a great effort. If you are looking for great children's foundations to donate to this holiday season, try one of these:

March of Dimes
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Toys For Tots
Save the Children

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