Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Healthy Green Easter Basket

Stores have had Easter candy out the since the day after Valentines day. But Easter doesn't have to be about marshmellow Peeps, Cadbury Cream eggs and plastic grass. Try these alternatives to make your baskets healthier for you kids and for the environment.

1. Replace some candy with books and other small gift items. A tiny stuffed animal, small puzzle or bubble solution can be just as fun as something sweet and it will last much longer. Silly Putty is already sold in an egg shape! Crayons and an Easter themed coloring book also are cheap and easy.

2. If you are going to do a plastic egg hunt, fill half the eggs with candy and the other half with money. Kids love collecting coins. Put a quarter or a few dimes in a egg and they will be over joyed. Keep the eggs and reuse them next year!

3. Line your basket with real grass (weather permitting) or green felt cut to look like leaves and grass. Green glass decorating beads- the kind that go in decorative vases found at any craft store, would also be a nice way to line your basket. One you have a nice woven basket- save it for next year!

4. Use natural dyes instead of store bought ones, better for the environment and you get a wider range of color options. Boil your eggs in water with a bit of vinegar and one of these ingredients below, then let simmer for at least 15 minutes:
  • Purple grape juice (for lavender)
  • Red cabbage (for blue)
  • Spinach (for green)
  • Carrot tops, orange peels or lemon peels (for yellow)
  • Yellow onion skins (for orange)
  • Beets or cranberries (for pink)
  • Red onion skins (for red)
5. Lastly, if you can find local sweet or fair trade chocolate that you like, go for that too!

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Rebecca said...

I had never heard of using foods to dye eggs until today, where I read it in your blog and Nature Mom's blog ( It's a great idea, and we will link to your post when we publish our Easter article on Your other tips are great, too. Thanks!