Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reveiw: Mott's Tots

Mott's has introduced a new line of juice boxes and juices that are getting great reveiws. Instead of lugging around a sippy cup, juice and water and diluting the 100% juice yourself- Motts has done it for you. You and your doctor knows they don't need all that straight juice- this juice box has 40% less sugar than regular 100% juice boxes. No artifical additives to boot!

Mott's for Tots is a great-tasting juice drink that has 40% less sugar than regular apple juice and no artificial sweeteners. We've blended delicious juice with purified water and 100% vitamin C in a variety of flavors, conveniently packaged in single-serve juice boxes, nine to a pack. We've even added 64-oz multi-serve bottles to our product mix. Mott's for Tots contains 100% juice mixed with purified water, making it easier than ever to make a healthy choice for your kids – and it's pediatrician approved.

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