Saturday, August 2, 2008

Great Kids Style Blogs

I love finding new blogs that show how parenting can be the opposite of what many 20-somethings fear. It's not the end of style, fun, or social lives. It doesn't make you boring. It can be fantastic and pretty darn cute at the same time. Here are some blogs that I have recently discovered that help me prove my point.

Apartment Therapy's ohdeedoh
Tagline: Home. Design. Children.
What to check out: Their nursery tours. Tons of real nurseries in a variety of spaces and styles.

Tagline: Blending kids + Design
What to check out: They've got tons of great kid friendly art work and crafts. Pictures are worth a million words here.

tutus and turtles
Tagline: A frilly-to-functional collection of all things baby and child
What to check out: This site is always giving great stuff away. I don't know how they do it!

Cookie Magazine's Nesting
Tagline: Exchange home design ideas with our editors and one another
What to check out: Everything. These guys are great.

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