Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Baby Photo Too Many

Researchers at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business discovered that your professional image may suffer if you have too many family photos or trinkets in your office space. They warn that if more than 5 items in the workspace are personal, it may affect how co-workers think of you.

The research was done by surveying managers and corporate recruiters. They also report that the idea of too many personal items in the workplace is an American notion. Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, assistant professor of management and organizations at the Ross School of Business says, "Americans are expected to put aside personal matters and focus almost exclusively on work-specific concerns upon entering the office". Recruiters also judged candidates more preferably when they mentioned less about their personal life.

Conclusion? Maybe take down some of those photos from last year. Keep only the current ones up. But you know your work place best, if it is more or less accepted at your work (check out managers offices) then go with the flow.

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