Monday, September 10, 2007

Share Your Sewing Ideas

According to Holiday Insights, today is both National Swap Ideas Day and Sewing Day (the sewing machine was patented on Sept 10th). So what happens when you put both together? Swap sewing ideas! Not too many people I know still sew, but I am rather fond of my sewing machine. So here is my sewing idea that I will share.

For my nephew's 1st birthday I sewed him a play tent. It was rather simple. I got out a standard card table and basically sewed a table cloth that goes to the floor. The top piece was a square the size of the top of the table, and the second main piece was a very long rectangle that wrapped the whole way around and went to the floor. At the entrance where the two ends met, I sewed in a flap of decorative fabric to make it more interesting to get in and out of the tent. On the back wall I cut out a hole so he could have a window, and to let in some light so it wouldn't be so dark. Sewing is also great for custom Halloween costumes and or curtains. You can make your own Taggies blanket rather easily too- which can be a great inexpensive gift. Sew anything fun lately for your little ones? Share below!

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