Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Double the Fun

It has long been told that twins run in families, and that more often then not they skip a generation. But how does this hold up scientifically?

Certain genes can predispose a woman to release more than one egg at a time, which would lead to a greater possibility for fraternal twins. This gene can be passed on, so it is indeed hereditary. But what about identical twins? A fertilized egg splits in two producing two children with the same DNA. In that case, scientists have no answer. There is no gene that influences this occurrence and so it is thought of as coincidental if identical twins appear in the same family. As for skipping generations? It's a myth. Passing down the gene that leads to hyperovulation (and hence fraternal twins) can be passed down through the mother or the father. When it is passed down through the father- it appears as though a generation was skipped, but it is simply because the father doesn't ovulate so it goes unnoticed.

For resources on twins:
TwinAdvice.com: created by parents of twins, for parents of twins. Sharing parenting information and experiences among parents who are expecting or raising twins or multiples.

Twin List: Mailing list, FAQs, tons of resources links listed by topic.

National Organization of Mother's of Twins Clubs: founded in 1960 for the purpose of promoting the special aspects of child development which relate specifically to multiple birth children.

Twins Magazine: "the premier periodical for parents of multiples, from twins and triplets to quadruplets, quintuplets and more! Published six times each year, TWINS™ Magazine is the "bible of parenting multiples," loved by moms and dads of twins and higher-order multiples since 1984."

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