Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nursery Decor + Trend: Birds

If you browse the style blogs like I do, you have probably notice a lot of retro bird prints and textiles. They certainly are cute and apparently hip too. Here are some great items that you can decorate a unisex nursery in.

Start with a Flights of Fancy mobile from Orange Button

Bird Crib Bedding in pink/orange

Get a personalized name banner. These birds come in all kinds of colors and patterned fabrics.

This adorable poster counts from 1-20 in colorful birds.

You can add some plush toys around the room

For a more sosphisticated look, you can use Birds in Flight wall graphic
Pick from 32 colors. 25 decals ranging in size from 5" by 4.5" to 22.5" by 7.5"


erintsex said...

It looks as though this website may be older, but I really love the bird mobile and I can't find a way to order it b/c the orange button website is down. Does anyone know of a way I could get it?? It's perfect for my nursery. Thanks.

Elizabeth said...

OMG, love at first sight. I've been sold on this nursery decor idea for a while... when I have a baby that is... Thanks for sharing!!

jenifer said...

It's so beautiful... I'm just looking for lovely stuff for my baby room decoration!! This one amazed me...