Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If a Tiffany's Box Could Be a Nursery

I love nursery designs- and a good bargain. Sometimes it is hard to get just exactly what you want without emptying your pockets. But today I stumbled across the sweetest room- in a light blue that could very easily work for a boy or a girl -with all the white curly details. It just took my breath away- and it was.... on the IKEA website! Yes! This whole room is fantastically coordinated and chic and not expensive at the same time.

(click to enlarge!)

What does this room entail?
1. HENSVIK crib $129
2. EKTORP JENNYLUND chair- in white, washable cover! $199
3. HENSVIK wardrobe $139
4. TASSA NATT wall light $5
5. HEMNES changing table $144

$616- not bad considering some people are asking $750 to $1790 for a crib!

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llambrecht said...

I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for nursery ideas for my upcoming arrival! :) I was wanting to use the Tiffany & Co. blue with white and found your post, however I can't view the pic!! Is there anyway you have this saved and could send to me?