Monday, December 3, 2007

Peanut Allergies at 14 months

A recent study published in Pediatrics has caused the American Academy of Pediatrics to now recommend that children with a family history of allergies avoid peanuts until age 3.

Analyzing data from 2000 to 2006 from the Duke University pediatric allergy and immunology clinic, doctors found that food allergies are showing up earlier. The study concluded,

"In the past decade, the ages of first peanut exposure and reaction have declined among peanut-allergic children seen in a referral clinic. Egg allergy is very common in peanut-allergic patients, and sesame seeds should perhaps be considered one of the major food allergens. The decline in the age of first peanut reaction seems to be attributable to earlier exposure."

Dr. Todd Green of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh was quoted by MSNBC, “There’s a valid reason to delay introduction to products containing peanuts. When kids are older, it can be easier to manage bad reactions. They can tell you right away if their mouths feel funny. For that reason alone, it’s worth delaying exposing your child to a peanut product, especially if a child is at high risk".

If you are worried about the possibilty of food allergies because of family history, go ahead and wait- it certainly doesn't appear to hurt.

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