Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big City, Small Nursery

For those who live in downtown condos, apartments or the like, space is a luxury. Space is something you give up to get you closer to the hot spots, or to be in the cooler neighborhood. But what happens when a baby makes three in a one bedroom? You get creative!

1. Skip a changing table. They take up space, and you will soon learn that you can change a baby anywhere. Put a blanket down in the middle of your bed. Or get a contoured changing pad and put it on top of a waist high dresser- its basically the same thing.

2. Try a stylish mini crib. Full size cribs are huge, a lot of them convert into a headboard for a full size bed. "Mini cribs" sound strange, but there are actually a great size. It coverts into a twin size headboard instead, looks just as stylish and take us way less space. Check out the Da Vinci Annabelle. Or, if you have a huge closet and an extra 10 minutes, you can get a folding crib. Once the baby is up, snap and pop it into storage mode and roll it out of site until nap time.

3. Avoid a huge glider. Sure they look comfy and all, but with the ottoman that always seems to show up with them, they will cut into your floorspace quickly. If you already have a chair that you like with good back support (for all that feeding you are going to do) you don't need a huge motherly chair. Pick up a boppy and you're all set.

4. Go for multifunctional. A swing that is also a bouncy chair (eliminates one big hunk of plastic), a high chair that is also a toddler chair, a stroller that will work at many ages. The longer you can use it, the better off you are- less stuff to store and added bonus- less stuff to buy!

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