Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't Get Sunburnt Baby!

Off to the south for a healing mid-winter get-a-away? The healing powers of sunshine and warmth are fantastic, but they bring the challenge of skin protection along with them. Check out some of the following products to keep your babies and toddlers protected.

Hanna Anderson's floppy sunhat
is both adorable and practical.

Mamma's Milk Solar Veil, a single layer of this patented fabric provides maximum coolness for mom and baby while providing an extreme SPF 70+. It also dries fast so ago ahead and take a dip while you are wearing it.

Pop them in a tent on the beach
for both sun protection and less sand in that diaper!

All natural hypo-allergenic California Baby SPF 30
is always great to have in your diaper bag, whether you are at the beach or not.

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