Thursday, February 28, 2008

Make Kid's Art Come to Life

In kindergarten everyone drew something and had it made into a plate for Mother's Day. You can still do this at But if you are looking for something else creative to do with your child's drawing, check out Make-My-Own-Monster from FAO Schwarz.

"Make-My-Own-Monster Design Kit, that includes colored pencils, paper, and a detailed questionnaire. With this kit you create not only what the monster looks like, but you also create a story about the monster and describe his or her personality."

For those that don't want to shell out for this, you can also do this easily at home on sewing machine.


Rebecca said...

That is a GREAT idea. Most of my sewing projects turn out looking like monsters whether I intend them to or not, so this is right up my alley.

We included your blog in our list of "Best Baby Blogs" on Thanks for the great ideas.

TushBlogger said...

Always glad to hear someone enjoyed a post. Thanks!