Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cane Sugar for Infants?

Similac Organic formula has captured 36 percent of the organic formula market since being on the market since 2007, but did you know that doctors are not fans? It turns out that Similac's Organic formula is sweetened with cane sugar- a much sweeter sugar than used in most formulas.

Babies need sugar in order to digest the proteins that are present in soy and or cow's milk, so adding the sugar is not the issue. The type of sugar is for some people. Other organic formulas use organic lactose, which extracted from organic milk. The problems seen with cane sugar is that it tends can damage tooth enamel faster and may cause babies to resist foods that aren't as sweet in comparison and possibly also cause babies to gain too much weight in their first year.

The other possible negative consequence of cane sugar (sucrose) is that consuming sucrose generates future cravings for sucrose- while consuming sugar such as fructose or glucose, do not have the same long-term effect.

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