Saturday, May 24, 2008

Genuis! Sun Sensor Stickers

Memorial Day weekend is here, and in my book it is the official start of the summer season. Pools open and people really start enjoying the outdoors. Today I discovered something that will definitely help with one of summer's pesky problems- the looming possibility of sunburns.

Check out Huggies Little Swimmers Suncare Sun Sensors!

Huggies Little Swimmers UV sensors are self-adhesive and water-resistant. Apply to your child's skin, hat or clothing. Sensor will first change to light orange with moderate exposure and the sun designs will slightly fade. When the sensors change to deep orange and when the sun designs disappear, it is time to reapply sunscreen, dispose of sensor and/or limit exposure.

It seems like a much better way of determining when to reapply sunscreen, and if anything, it can serve as a visual reminder to do so, whether you wait until the sticker changes completely or not.

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