Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bathing in a Bucket

I saw this in two different places recently, the Tummy Tub. It's basically a special bucket that you plop infants into to remind them of the womb. They rest naturally in the fetal position up to their shoulders in warm water, soothing colicky babies and relaxes babies in general. Oh, and you might as well wash them off while they are in there too.

The features are listed as the following:
  • Transparent polypropylene allows easy viewing of your baby
  • Anti-skid base and low center of gravity for safety and stability
  • Made from environmentally friendly material and no sharp edges
  • Wide rim to support parents' arms and ergonomic hand grips for carrying
  • 100% recyclable
The water should stay warmer longer as there is less surface area, and being submerged in warm water is comforting. I see it as a baby hot tub, without the bubbles and jets. I love the cartoon step-by-step illustration.

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