Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday's Nursery Idea

It seems everywhere I look lately there is more and more pirate stuff for kids. Pirates weren't real big when I was little, but it seems with three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the lovable Johnny Dep, everyone is clamoring for pirate gear. (It may also be the number of cute boy themes were getting old; we've seen enough cars and dinosaurs.)

Warm Biscutt bedding company has some cute pirate crib bedding, as does Enchanted Kingdoms. Company Kids has an adorable treasure map quilt for toddler beds.

Pirate and nautical fabric is easy to find these days, curtains and throw pills are simple enough for anyone to sew.

Decorate your walls or spruce up furniture (like the side of a dresser or head board of the bed) you can apply pirate wall stickers. Or if you are really into looking for treasure, you can do get a mural of men digging for treasure on wallpaper. On a shelf you can set out wooden boat toys and children's pirate books for an added touch; which are nice as they both can be used to entertain your little scallywag later. Don't worry about swabbing the poop deck, there are even pirate diapers!

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