Thursday, August 16, 2007

Creative Inventions

Who is the best person to invent something for a parent? A parent! And not all these parents are moms, recently Dads have been inventing too.

Water Bottle Nipple Adaptor by Tommy Habeeb. Frustrated that he couldn't give his baby water while out on a hot afternoon in Dallas, he invented a bottle nipple that fits on most all water bottles.

Scott Shoemaker realized at a baby shower that everything the mother-to-be opened was for her- nothing for pops. He founded DadGear which messenger bad style diaper bags and diaper vests which have a portable changing pad hidden in a back pocket.

If you are a regular park goer, check out the Swing Scarf. Designed my a mom who didn't want to set her child in something covered germs and dirt.

Ingrid Carney came up with the Bella Band during her first pregnancy when she realized her old clothes didn't fit and she was still too small for maternity wear. After trying safety pins and rubber bands to keep her pants up, she improvised and used a tube top. A year later the Bella Band was born.

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