Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Size for All Behinds!

Happy Heiny's has introduced a new wonder. Cloth diapers that grow with your child; one size fits all. The reviews on, the main hub for cloth diaper reviews and chat rooms, are overwhelmingly positive. The best part is that since you no longer are buying many sizes, cloth diapering is now that much cheaper than disposables.

Just a preview of what other moms have been writing:

"I love these diapers. They are the cutest I've seen & they fit my son perfect! I don't have a problem with leaks/wicking & I recommend them to everyone! These make up 90%+ of my stash!" -smidgin

I don't know why it took me so long to try Happy Heinys, but I can offically say I am very upset I didn't try them sooner! I could have wasted a lot less money on a 'one sized' diaper product that stopped fitting ages ago and never really 'fit right' to go with HH's that fit perfectly from the start." - jmama24

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