Thursday, August 9, 2007

Unisex Nursery Idea

For those of you patient folks who can manage to wait all 9 months to find out the gender of your baby, I applaud you. I also understand that finding unisex items that are cute can be hard... are you sick of yellow and green yet? After poking around for a while, and thinking back to the Seussical post I found an adorable nursery that is not saturated in yellow or green and relatively easy to do.

1. Pick your favorite Dr. Seuss book (or two or three)
2. Scan the images that you want to use in your decorating
3. Make an overhead transparency (can be done on most Xerox machines at Kinkos)
4. Borrow an overhead projector from church/school/work or rent one at Office Max or Staples
5. Project the images onto the wall or furniture, adjusting for size and position and trace with a pencil.
6. Paint! Try your best to stay within the lines.
(Click on images for more info)

If you really want to go full theme, you can add Seuss crib sheets, stuffed characters, and lamps.

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