Monday, August 20, 2007

Green Backpacks

Looking for a backpack that doesn't contain PVC or is made from recycled or natural materials? Look no further.

Kids' Cordura Wheeled Backpack from Lands End
All nylon and PVC-free wheels. Rollerpacks are recommended if your children are toting around more than 15% of their body weight in books and supplies.

School Backpacks, Sports bags, Baby packs, Diaper bags, Computer bags, Duffle bags, Fanny packs, Fashion bags and outdoor gear all made utilizing fabric made from recycled soda bottles (PET 1) and Made in the USA. Thanks to IdealBite for recommending these great products.

Hemp Backpacks from GreenFeet or Utopian Living
Hemp is the most environmentally positive crop, actually improving the condition of the ground. It requires no herbicides and is naturally resistant to insects, fungus, and other pests. Hemp provides an ecological alternative to environmentally destructive cotton production and non-renewable, non-biodegradable synthetics.

Recycled Rubber Messenger Bag from Abundant Earth
Tires are recycled into high grade rubber sheet that is stitched into these sturdy bags. Stylish in either black or brown, water resistant and reducing the number of old tires in our landfills.

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