Monday, August 27, 2007

A Toddler in Heels?

I was at both a wedding and a wedding shower this weekend and I saw two interesting ends of the toddler shoe spectra. At the wedding there were twin girls in Crocs, one had pink Crocs and the other had purple. I thought this was a little casual for a wedding, I didn't wear my Crocs, but then again, they are sturdy, slip resistant shoes for little girls to be running around in. At a wedding shower the next day, I saw a 3-year old in wedge sandal heels. While I understand perhaps she was trying to be 'dressed up' I couldn't help but think 1. that's ridiculous and 2. seems like we are pushing gender stereotypes even younger nowadays.

What is amazing to me is not only that some company would make wedge heels for children who are two feet tall, but that parents would actually buy them! The toddler ran around in them just fine, I didn't see her trip or fall at all, but I couldn't help but thinking that she would eventually twist an ankle in them. I have looked and seen many options for formal footwear for children, they need not be in Crocs at a wedding or in heels.

The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society's recommendations for wee ones include the following;

Look for shoes with rounded toe boxes to give the toes more room for movement

Children's feet perspire greatly, and the upper part of their shoes should be made of breathable materials

Choose a light-weight shoe, since children use a lot of energy walking

Toddlers do not need heels on their shoes. Flat outer soles make it easier to begin walking.

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